About Ideh Pouyan poushesh

Ideh Pouyan was among the first processors in the Isfahan to offer electroless nickel and Electrophoretic Painting Process (E-Coat) plating,  today we have the most advanced equipment in electroless nickel and E-Coat plating in Iran

Service Overview

Electroless nickel plating is a process that involves auto catalytically depositing a dense coating of nickel-phosphorus alloy on a metallic substrate. Since its initial discovery in the 1940s, electroless nickel plating has expanded in scope to include all major industries

The nickel deposit can contain various degrees of phosphorous or boron depending on the chemistry used which allows for unique properties and a variety of applications. Its excellent corrosion/wear protection, hardness, electrical, and magnetic properties allow this type of plating to be frequently used in the electronics, aerospace, marine and automotive industries

Electroless nickel deposits have a hardness range from 450-700 Knoop. This can be increased with heat treating to 500-980 Knoop. Electroless nickel is more costly than electroplated nickel and is not always a substitute

The Electrophoretic coating process is a method of depositing water based paint or clear coatings on to metal or conductive parts. The biggest use for this process is as a first coat primer for automotive cars, truck bodies, parts and components. 99% of mass produced cars, trucks and component parts are Electrophoretic primer coated. The most common resin types used are epoxy, acrylic, hybrid and polyurethane technologies. Epoxy type chemistry give excellent corrosion resistance whereas acrylic and polyurethane offer high UV resistance. Polyurethane type offer very good UV properties combined with excellent chemical resistance. Another big market is for decorative or protective finishes on electroplated door hardware, light fitting, jewellery and electronic devices such as mobile phones


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